The Team

Justin Knight – Consortium Manager

Justin has been the Consortium Manager since November 2014, responsible for the day-to-day management of the Consortium. He works for Jisc as a Project Manager.

Scott Cantor – Developer

Scott is a former web applications developer who learned that working on security software didn’t involve designing user interfaces and immediately changed jobs. He designed his first Web Single Sign-On system in 1997 and joined the Shibboleth Project in its formative stages in 2001. He became one of the project architects and led the initial design and implementation work, and today maintains the libraries and code base that make up the Service Provider software and portions of the Identity Provider software. He has also worked extensively on the OASIS SAML standard and did most of the technical editing of the SAML 2.0 specifications.

He splits his time between the Shibboleth Consortium, InCommon Federation, Internet2 Middleware activities, and a day job running the SSO infrastructure for the Ohio State University.

His cat is not impressed by any of this.

Daniel Fisher – Developer

Daniel joined Virginia Tech in 2000 as an application analyst in the Web Application Research and Development department where he helped design the campus enterprise directory and first single-sign-on system. His work led him to be Middleware project manager, overseeing the enterprise directory and centralized campus authentication and authorization services. He contributed to the development of version 2 of the Shibboleth IDP and supports several open source Java libraries related to password management and LDAP integration. He currently lives in the mountains of southwest Virginia with his family.

Brent Putman – Developer

After a woefully misguided foray into graduate studies of international affairs and the former Soviet Union, Brent began his transformation into a technology geek in the mid 1990s. His introduction into the world of federated security and SAML began at Georgetown as one of the first deployers of the early Shibboleth alpha code for the project’s original campus library pilot in 2002. He formally joined the Shibboleth team in early 2006 as a Java developer and contributed substantially to the development of version 2.x of OpenSAML Java, as well as the Identity Provider.

When not working on Shibboleth, he splits his time at Georgetown amongst a variety of middleware and scholarly systems projects.

Rod Widdowson – Developer

Rod has over 20 years’ experience developing operating system and file system software. He started contributing to the Shibboleth project in 2005, maintaining and developing the Central Discovery Service and authoring the Embedded Discovery Service. He continues this work, but now mostly acts as a Java programmer for OpenSAML and IdP projects as well as writing the windows installers.

Rod lives in Scotland and runs a small independent consultancy company specialising in software architecture and development of file systems and security systems. In addition to Shibboleth development, he also contributes to OpenAFS.

Ian Young – Developer

Ian Young has worked in the area of systems software (operating systems, compilers and computer networking) for more than three decades. Since 2004, he has worked with the SDSS group at EDINA based at the University of Edinburgh, on the problem of federated identity and federated access management. In that role, he was involved in the establishment of the developmental SDSS Federation and its production successor, the UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research. He believes that the most successful middleware is both ubiquitous and invisible, and looks forward to federated identity attaining this ideal.

Tom Zeller – Developer

Tom has degrees in Physics, the Integrated Science Program, and Information Technology from Northwestern University and believes that privacy preserving identity infrastructures are critical to a free and open Internet. His information technology experience in education began under the guidance of his father, an educator and consultant to school districts near Chicago. This background enabled Tom to work independently to help pay for college, followed by working in grades kindergarten through higher education since before Mosaic. He has developed and managed networks and software interesting to science and education communities.

His non-profit work includes serving on the board of the Swan Conservation Trust, which conserves the hardwood forests and watersheds of the remaining nearby Highlands. His family is learning how to live sustainably and peacefully in a community in rural Middle Tennessee. Tom is the founder of Dragonacea, LLC.