Developer Representative

Scott Cantor

I'm responsible for:

Project infrastructure, board liaison, Service Provider, lead on IdP and IdP’s clustering, authentication, SAML support

Scott is a former web applications developer who learned that working on security software didn’t involve designing user interfaces and immediately changed jobs. He designed his first Web Single Sign-On system in 1997 and joined the Shibboleth Project in its formative stages in 2001. He became one of the project architects and led the initial design and implementation work, and today maintains the libraries and code base that make up the Service Provider software and portions of the Identity Provider software. He has also worked extensively on the OASIS SAML standard and did most of the technical editing of the SAML 2.0 specifications.

He splits his time between the Shibboleth Consortium, InCommon Federation, Internet2 Middleware activities, and a day job running the SSO infrastructure for the Ohio State University.

His cat is not impressed by any of this.

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