Consortium Membership Fees

We offer a range of membership options to suit organisations of all types and sizes. Find your organisation category from the options below and take a look at the table to work out your annual Consortium fee.

NREN/Federation Members

NREN/Federations pay fees based on the total number of Identity Providers (IdPs) and Service Providers (SPs) in their constituencies.

Small (up to 250 IdPs & SPs) Medium (251-750 IdPs & SPs) Large (750+ IdPs & SPs)
€12,500 / $14,800 €25,000 / $29,600 €50,000 / $59,200

Academic/Non-Profit Organisations

Academic/Non-Profit organisations pay fees based on their total number of users.

Small (up to 10,000 users) Medium (10,000-50,000 users) Large (50,000+ users)
€2,500 / $2,960 €5,000 / $5,920 €7,500 / $8,880

Commercial Organisations

Commercial organisations pay fees based on their revenue.

Small (up to €10m) Medium (€10m-€100m) Large (€100m+)
€5,000 / $5,920 €10,000 / $11,840 €20,000 / $23,680

Multi-site Academic category​

Academic organisations with multiple campuses that share the same Shibboleth system may join at the multi-site level. The fee for this level is €25,000 / $29,600 and all campuses within the organisation will be represented under a single membership.

Principal Membership

Any Consortium Member can become a Principal Member and gain a seat on the Board by contributing an additional €20,000 / $25,000. 

Donate to the Consortium

If you’re looking to support the activities of the Consortium but do not want to become a member at this time, please get in touch for details on how to make a one-off donation.  

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