Secure Identity Management Solutions

Shibboleth products keep workforces connected to vital resources and applications across and between organisations of all sizes. 

Identity Provider

A simple Single Sign-On solution for any organisation with complex identity management requirements. With excellent scaling capabilities and customisable user-related data, the Identity Provider equips workforces with a personalised user experience. 

Service Provider

A key component of any organisation’s identity management, the Service Provider is designed to work alongside a vast range of web applications. Through integration with popular web servers, this product prioritises privacy and offers a wide range of authorisation features. 

Embedded Discovery Service

Installed alongside a Service Provider, this product grants the user the ability to select their chosen Identity Provider from a smaller list. Through side-by-side installation with the SP, the Embedded Discovery Service enables consistent branding across products.

Metadata Aggregator

Built to speed up the process of consuming and querying metadata, the Metadata Aggregator is a relatively general tool that can be easily customised by developers based on your organisation’s needs. This product is especially useful to organisations operating multiple identity providers. 

Keeping organisations connected

Thanks to its accessibility, reliability and flexibility, organisations around the world continue to choose Shibboleth over other technologies for their identity management needs.

Shibboleth Usage vs Other Identity Providers

Source: Internet2, 2020

Shibboleth Usage vs Other Service Providers

Source: Internet2, 2020

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