The Shibboleth Consortium

Protecting and progressing Shibboleth software thanks to funding raised through membership fees

What is the Consortium?

The Consortium is responsible for the financial, technical and strategic management of the Shibboleth Project. With global reliance increasing year on year, we founded the Consortium to ensure the reliability and longevity of the software.

This requires considerable effort from developers and Shibboleth experts remain few and far between. Our exceptional members recognise this value, and their memberships are both a tribute to and reason for Shibboleth’s continued success.

How we got started

Realising that Shibboleth needed a formal means of financial support, Jisc, Internet2 and SWITCH became our Principal Members by establishing the Shibboleth Consortium in 2013.

A global network of Shibboleth supporters

The numbers speak for themselves

Our products are relied upon by institutions all over the world, and our growing network of Consortium members is a celebration of Shibboleth’s success.

19 Countries

containing Consortium members


lines of code maintained & supported thanks to the Consortium (source)


increase in members since 2014


members in the core Shibboleth development team​

Consortium Membership Growth

Source: The Shibboleth Consortium

Meet the Consortium Board

Comprised of both Member and developer representatives, the Board is responsible for the overall governance and technical direction of the Consortium. 

Scott Cantor

Developer Representative

Steve Zoppi

Internet2 representative

Kevin Morooney

Internet2 representative

Joe Steele

Jisc representative

Manne Miettinen

NORDUnet representative

Wolfgang Pempe

Members’ representative, DFN-Verein

Davide Vaghetti

Members’ representatives, GARR

Alex Stuart

Jisc representative

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Our highly valued members keeping Shibboleth moving forward