Membership Benefits

The Shibboleth software:

  • Integrates with most authentication and directory systems, extending your users’ reach into other organizations and services;
  • Utilises widely-used standard federated identity protocols and interoperates with identity solutions from most major vendors;
  • Provides the authentication and authorization infrastructure for diverse, multilateral collaborations;
  • Scales for deployments involving thousands of partners and handling millions of authentication transactions per day.

The Shibboleth software is freely available though, so why join the Shibboleth Consortium?

By becoming a member of the Shibboleth Consortium you will:

  • Enable us to continue to develop and maintain the software;
  • Enable us to support standardisation efforts;
  • Have access to the development team for free technical support;
  • Get early access to upcoming security advisories;
  • Help us add more of the features requested by the Shibboleth community;
  • Have the ability to influence the direction of Shibboleth via the Shibboleth Board.

To become a member of, or donate to, the Shibboleth Consortium, please refer to the Support the Consortium page.