Service Provider

Service provider

The Service Provider SSO-enables and federation-enables web applications written with any programming language or framework; integrating natively with popular web servers such as Apache and IIS. A loosely coupled integration strategy allows you to support SAML, rich attribute-exchange, and many value-added features, often without significantly changing your application code or using proprietary interfaces.

The normal Service Provider process is to:

  • Intercept access to a protected resource or application entry point.
  • Discover the user’s choice of Identity Provider.
  • Issue a SAML authentication request to the selected Identity Provider.
  • Process the SAML authentication responses and extract rich user information.
  • Apply local policies and gather additional data.
  • Pass rich identity information to application resources.

Key Features

  • Support for Apache and IIS web servers and FastCGI authorizers on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, OS X, and Solaris.
  • Excellent scalability in both user load and automated management of Identity Providers.
  • Support for virtualization of web servers and applications.
  • Works with all compliant SAML implementations.
  • A variety of authorization and policy-oriented features.

Service provider