2019 Summary

2019 was a stable year for the Shibboleth Consortium. Membership growth slowed in comparison to the last two years with 6 new members joining, and, unfortunately for the first time since it began, the Consortium also lost 6 members. Overall membership therefore remained at 52 at the close of the year however our financial position remains strong. This is in part due to development costs being lower than forecast at the beginning of the year, and also an increase in contribution from Federation members who have grown in number of entities to fall into a larger category of membership.

The composition of the Consortium Board has also remained the same, with Internet2, NORDUnet and Jisc maintaining their roles as Principal members, the Development team being represented by Scott, and the members’ representatives in Wolfgang and Davide.

Whilst the Consortium had a reasonably quiet year in terms of major developments, the Shibboleth Project had a decidedly busier 12 months. Significant development of the IdP put us in good stead for the release of v4 in early 2020 and we were also pleased to formally take ownership of the OIDC extension to the IdP after a successful collaborative project with GÈANT. With Henri Mikkonen continuing his role as a Developer for the Shibboleth Consortium, this important piece of work continues to advance in 2020.

We would like to thank every single member, partner and donor of the Shibboleth Consortium. It is only with your support that we can continue to support, maintain and develop the software, and we encourage everyone to raise questions or feedback to the Board to continue to drive this community-driven project.

For information on the Consortium, please email justin.knight@jisc.ac.uk or contact@shibboleth.net

Shibboleth Consortium Financial Summary of 2019 and Forecast for 2020:

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