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Gain exclusive access to technical support

Consortium membership grants you exclusive access to support with Shibboleth systems and products. This includes:

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Read about the progress of the Shibboleth Consortium over the past year including membership growth, Board structure and development team updates. 

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What is Shibboleth?

A world leader in identity management technology, Shibboleth is an open-source project with a strong community of users. With a dedicated team of developers and vital support from Consortium members, Shibboleth has grown over the years to offer a variety of products alongside its world-renowned Identity Provider.

What is the Consortium?

Founded to provide a formal means of financing the maintenance and development of Shibboleth software, the Consortium is now comprised of over 50 members from 17 different countries. As the body responsible for the management of the project, the Consortium’s structure is made up of a Board, the Membership, and an Operator.

Why join the Shibboleth Consortium?

Get exclusive access to technical support

As a Consortium member, you will have quick and easy access to the core development team, helping you to promptly troubleshoot your organisation’s queries as and when they arise. 

Maintain and improve Shibboleth software

Funding from memberships allows us to keep Shibboleth supported and maintained, reducing risk for the organisations that rely on it. Join the Consortium to ensure Shibboleth systems stay free and expertly maintained for years to come. 

Influence the direction of Shibboleth

The Shibboleth development roadmap is community-driven. With access to Consortium Board representatives, you can have your say in how you think Shibboleth should progress.

Identity Provider

A simple Single Sign-On solution for any organisation with complex identity management requirements. With excellent scaling capabilities and customisable user-related data, the Identity Provider equips workforces with a personalised user experience. 

Service Provider

A key component of any organisation’s identity management, the Service Provider is designed to work alongside a vast range of web applications. Through integration with popular web servers, this product prioritises privacy and offers a wide range of authorisation features. 

Explore Shibboleth’s Identity Solutions

With open-source solutions suitable for organisations of all sizes, Shibboleth is among the most widely deployed identity management software in the world.

Identity Provider

A Single Sign-On solution that prioritises the experience and privacy of your users and keeps your workforce connected both within and between organisations.

Service Provider

With a variety of authorization and policy-oriented features, our Service Provider integrates with popular web servers and enables web application usage.

Embedded Discovery Service

Designed to work alongside your Service Provider, this product is simple to install and improves the experience of your users by providing an easy-to-navigate list of Identity Providers.

Metadata Aggregator

If your organisation operates multiple identity providers, this product will help you to read, process and dynamically query metadata.

Members Only

Talk to our developers through our Service Desk

Our Service Desk portal provides a question and answer resolution channel monitored by the Shibboleth development team. A great resource for Members looking for responses to their queries within a matter of days. 

Members Only

Get chat support through Slack

Our Slack channel enables Members to talk directly and informally to the team when they’re available. This is a great place for Members to get quick responses to simple queries. 

Take a look at what we're currently working on

Members Only

Feedback & Feature Requests

All Consortium Members have a voice within the context of Shibboleth’s project roadmap. With a number of avenues for sharing ideas and suggestions, we strongly encourage all of our Members to have their say. Take a look at the options available and let us know your thoughts.

Talk to your Member representative

Members can contact their representatives directly to provide feedback and requests that will be communicated to the Board.

Contact the Consortium manager

Get in touch with the manager of the Consortium who can discuss any concerns or queries with you directly. 

Get involved with our developer call

We conduct regular calls with our core development team to discuss the project roadmap – get in touch for information on how to join. 

Commercial Support

Shibboleth is community developed software that is free to download and use, but if you are seeking a third-party consultant to help set-up and/or support your organization’s Shibboleth installation, please follow the link below.

The Shibboleth Developers

Our core development team is made up of nine dedicated members, each with specific skills that ensure Shibboleth remains supported and maintained.

John O’Brien


Phil Smart


Henri Mikkonen


Tom Zeller


Ian Young


Rod Widdowson


Brent Putman


Daniel Fisher


Scott Cantor

Developer Representative

I have a question about membership

I have a technical issue

Community technical support is available via our user’s mailing list. For general questions, deployment issues, or troubleshooting help, please sign up to our user’s mailing list here.


Direct support from the core development team is available to Consortium Members. For more information about support options available, please click here.

I have a development topic I'd like to discuss

Members of the Consortium are invited to share feedback and make feature requests through our regular development calls, their member representative or the Consortium Manager. Find out more on our support page


Non-members who would like to discuss ongoing development topics are invited to join our Development Mailing List. Sign up here.

Keeping organisations connected

Thanks to its accessibility, reliability and flexibility, organisations around the world continue to choose Shibboleth over other technologies for their identity management needs.

Shibboleth Usage vs Other Identity Providers

Source: Internet2, 2020


Shibboleth Usage vs Other Service Providers

Source: Internet2, 2020

A global network of Shibboleth supporters

The numbers speak for themselves

Our products are relied upon by institutions all over the world, and our growing network of Consortium members is a celebration of Shibboleth’s success.

19 Countries

containing Consortium members


lines of code maintained & supported thanks to the Consortium (source)


increase in members since 2014


members in the core Shibboleth development team​

Consortium Membership Growth

Source: The Shibboleth Consortium

Our highly valued members keeping Shibboleth moving forward

NREN/Federation Members

NREN/Federations pay fees based on the total number of Identity Providers (IdPs) and Service Providers (SPs) in their constituencies.

Small (up to 250 IdPs & SPs) Medium (251-750 IdPs & SPs) Large (750+ IdPs & SPs)
€12,500 / $14,800 €25,000 / $29,600 €50,000 / $59,200

Academic/Non-Profit Organisations

Academic/Non-Profit organisations pay fees based on their total number of users.

Small (up to 10,000 users) Medium (10,000-50,000 users) Large (50,000+ users)
€2,500 / $2,960 €5,000 / $5,920 €7,500 / $8,880

Commercial Organisations

Commercial organisations pay fees based on their revenue.

Small (up to €10m) Medium (€10m-€100m) Large (€100m+)
€5,000 / $5,920 €10,000 / $11,840 €20,000 / $23,680

Multi-site Academic category​

Academic organisations with multiple campuses that share the same Shibboleth system may join at the multi-site level. The fee for this level is €25,000 / $29,600 and all campuses within the organisation will be represented under a single membership.

Donate to the Consortium

If you’re looking to support the activities of the Consortium but do not want to become a member at this time, please get in touch for details on how to make a one-off donation.  

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